TED Talks. Great educational time suck.


I say “educational time suck” with the best of intentions, by the way.

I was re-reading, again, the LIBR 285 assignments document today looking specifically at the lit review requirements.  I was curious about the options for TED talks, so I am digging around in this website to find some videos that may pertain to my area of research – reading education.  I love TED talks, but I have to be careful or I will find the day has disappeared before I know it.  Wow, is it easy to get lost in there!

So many amazing people with amazing ideas.  I love the list of 25 TED talks perfect for the classroom.  http://edudemic.com/2012/03/25-ted-talks-perfect-for-classrooms/

I can’t wait to show some of these to my boys and hopefully someday I will have a classroom of my own to share them with.

I just finished listening to Jamie Oliver’s talk about obesity. Heading off to the kitchen to make a salad.

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